Have you ever been used?
You know. Like you had someone build some sort of relationship with you only because they saw something past you they wanted to get to?
Here today and gone tomorrow?
I see it all the time.
In the Christian Music Business.
In organized religion.
In the lunch line at Chipotle.

What’s sad is that the butt smoocher thinks nobody can see their lips puckered wider than the Grand Canyon.
But everybody sees.
You know that feeling?
When the person you are speaking to is looking PAST you?

I had a realization today.
I think this happens in churches all over the world on a weekly basis.
I think worship leaders use congregations to get own their emotions to a place where they feel successful.
It is a rare occasion. I totally understand that.
But I think this is dangerous.
I’ll do it.
I sometimes beg a crowd to lift their hands in unity in order for my eyes to see something that tells my heart I DID IT!!!
And in the end it is feeding only me.
And in the end you look like a desperate butt kisser.

Let’s not use the people this weekend.
Not that you mean to.
It’s just painfully obvious when you do.