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The catch here is. It is much more than free coffee.
This coffee is part of a story of a little girl who was left for dead as an infant under a tree in a yard of an aging couple.
They found her.
Nursed her with milk from their animals for 20 days before making the journey to town and taking her to an orphanage.
Our great friends Danae and Steve now call her their own. Here is the story…

In the summer of 2007, we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt our little girl. When we were there, the contrast in cultures was amazing. Most Ethiopians were not wealthy, but were rich in their sense of community and closeness of their relationships.

Gobena, was 71 years old, when he found a baby girl placed in the yard near his home. “Because she is God’s soul,” Gobena and his wife, Mulunesh, took care of the baby girl for 20 days. Then they placed her for adoption to be in a family who can take care of her long-term. This little girl is now a permanent part of our family. She is truly a blessing from God, and always will be a reminder that there is always hope, as long as there are people who care enough.

Their sense of community and caring for others has inspired us to start this ministry where 100% of the net profits are reinvested in the lives of orphan children throughout the world. Each time you purchase a bag of coffee, you are providing hope and life to children who do not have parents caring for them.

So, invite some friends over for some coffee and feel good about the fact you’re making a difference by choosing Gobena Coffee.

So here you are. My friends. And you are gathered around. Let’s enjoy some coffee.
Instead of buying your bag of Starbucks roast, go over to Gobena Coffee and help care for some orphans.

Now I have 5, 1 lb. bags of coffee to give away here.
First person to get a question right gets a free bag of coffee.
You can only get one bag of coffee so don’t try and hog the answers.
All these answers can be found on my blog or my wife’s blog
Trivia Time!!!
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1. What was the date and location that Heather and I found out Losiah was going to be ours? [JennWins!!!]
2. What were the color of the shoes I haggled and bought in the Korean Market?
[Rebekah Wins!!!]
3. How much money did we end up making at our Adoption Rummage Sale?
[Jonathan Wins!!!]
NEW QUESTION!!! 4. Who were the first 5 people to see Losiah when we got home?
5. What did Heather and I get in a fight over on the way to meet Losiah? [Coffee With Chris Wins!!!]

Go for it.