Here are some comments from my LA Ink video on YouTube.

Man, when I watched this I was like, “what a badass pastor!”.

If you read the second mos it says that you shall never get a tattoo if you belive in god and jesus! just so you know!

it’s up to you how you worship man. god isn’t going to strike you down for a tattoo. even if it is a sin and god doesn’t like it…he’s still going to forgive you. you just gotta ask for it.

he is a pastor … hilarious he doesn´t know much about his job cause the bible says that marks that will be made on your skin intentionally are god forbidden .. i also think tath is hilarious, cause i have never seen a pastor with a tattoo , but the tattoo is really cool

Thank you for the statement. That is exactly what I was going to type. What kind of pastor is this? He loves the world and needs to read the bible better. He is an idiot.

Read Leviticus 19:28-Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the lord.

he almost lost his family to the church and thats why he got the tattoo to remember it?
what kind of bull**** story is that? you could at least say you were **** a nun

wats the point in bitching weather god is real or not?
some ppl have their point and views which r different 2 others
i personally dont believe in religion at all, but i think if sum1 wants to believe theirs a figure watching over them which makes them feel safe and secure then thats fine.
after all thats all religion is
besides stealing money n Sh**

I just drop in there every so often to hear what the world has to say…