I got an undercover email from a good friend today telling me that another “blogger” was talking smack about my blog and thought I needed to know.
When I got up off the floor from my fetal position, kidding, I asked them why they thought I needed to know.
They responded with a bit about how this person was spreading nasty rumors offline about my intentions with this blog and they should be stopped.
I asked them how they think I should stop this attack on my online presence?
I told them maybe they were just sharing a blog prayer request and wanted the recipient of this information to know how they can pray for my blog soul.
Just like a real prayer request. You know. Gossip covered with “Bless their heart”
They responded… “Maybe you should have a blog fight behind the blog cafeteria after our blog classes get out”

This got a roaring laugh from me.
Because it is so true.
This community of blogs is like highschool.
You have the cool kids.
The tree huggers.
The jocks.
The class clowns.
The underclassmen.
The hoes.
Just kidding again.

People have real conversations about real peoples lives behind their 15″ of LCD love like they really know them.
I have had conversations in real life with people that sound like this…
“Can you believe ____ wrote that on their blog? That was a mistake.”
Like we KNOW that person or something.

So as real as the relationships we make on here are, and I believe they are sometimes more real that the fake ones I am involved with offline, we have to remember that you get a 30 second blip out of 86,000 seconds a day.
That was the worst piece of grammar I have ever participated in.
So all that to say…
We can’t smell each others farts,
If we could, we would probably stop reading.

Now it’s time to go kick Eric’s blog @$$.
Don’t no one step up on my like that without a fight.
And no, it wasn’t Eric.
He’s my best friend and I don’t even read his lame blog.
But you should.
I’m blabbing now.
Bless Their Blog Heart