Hey. It’s me again.
Thanks for the offer to have coffee with me the other day.
Sorry if I offended you by saying no.
I just don’t trust you yet.
Or maybe it’s the jeans.
I just figured if one of my friends saw me having coffee with a dude wearing chic jeans, well, you know.
I don’t want them to get the wrong idea.
We sang this song the last 2 Sundays.
The one about standing with arms high and hearts abandoned.
Lo and behold, when you sang that I got a little choked up.
Everyone around me suddenly started singing louder and lifting up their hands.
I’m not even a Christian but I felt the energy and vibe in the room.
I gave it a shot.
For about 3 seconds I lifted my left hand to my hip.
I would have made it to 4 but I swear I saw you looking right at me.
That killed it.
I mean. I don’t know why I was lifting my hand besides the fact that, well, it just felt right.
And I think that “feeling” I got, that is that thing you keep talking about every week.
That ghost guy.
Holy Spirit.
So this is to let you know.
While everyone else around me was stretching their arms out like there was a holy foul ball about to hit our stands,
I was doing the arms high and hearts abandoned thing too.
But for me high and abandoned equals my hip right now.
I hope that is OK.
Just wanted you to know that just because I did not fall into the worship pose the song was asking for, does not mean I was not stretching higher and farther than those around me.
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