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  • So did you guys give him some post suggestions?

  • I HAVE THESE CARDS FOR MY BLOG TOO! Different design, but they really are quite swanky!!

    You know you are a blog geek when you have blog cards…

  • Actual convo I had with some junior highers at lunch today at Hume SD summer camp:

    Me: “So where are you guys from?”

    8th Grader: “Sandals Church”

    Me: “Oh, Riverside huh? Cool.”

    8th Grader: “Yeah, how do you know Sandals?”

    Me: “I don’t, I just know of someone who used to work there.”

    7th Grader: “Really? Who”

    Me: “I read guy’s blog named Carlos Whittaker…”

    8th Grader: “Oh yeah! He used to lead worship in big church!”

    7th Grader: “Wait… who?”

    8th Grader: “Remember that Mexican guy who used to lead worship, then he moved to like Tennessee or something?”

    Me: “Actually, Georgia… and I’m pretty sure he’s not Mexican…”

    Both kids look at each other as if to say, “How does this quack know, he doesn’t even go to our church.”

    Me: “Um, so hey, can you pass that salt and pepper please, bro…”

  • Moo.com. I have these small cards for my studio. Clients love them. Sometimes I customize for potential clients. So sick.

  • cindy

    I love his site(s)…which you introduced me to, by the way. Been meaning to say thank you for that. He is definitely a “go-to-everyday” site (multiple times even). My question is this…how can one room contain so much creativity without exploding?

  • i’m jealous. but to be in the room with either of you would be pretty cool.

  • I just posted something about you on my site that is going to make it seem as if I want to make out with you. I don’t want to. I promise.


    I hope you see loads of new readers

  • Jon is right… he made it seem like he wants to make out with you… lol. He sent us over here to fall in love with you ourselves. I think I fell in love with blogcards instead. (Although I am enjoying reading through your blog!) I have got to get me some of those!

  • That site cracks me up! One of the first ones I go to each day…after RagamuffinSoul of course. 🙂

  • Rob

    I actually discovered this blog through Jon’s “Metrosexual Worship Leader” post and I now am devout fans of both of your blogs. Oh and by the way, why did you cover up his address? I was planning on stalking the guy…lol

  • Amazingness.

    I am jealous.

  • love Jon, love you…
    How cool is it to meet in RW!