Then you are going to love my blog the next 6 days.
We are cramming my 2, 4 and 6 year olds in the Hyundai Santa Fe and driving to VA.
In order to not go crazy, I am most certainly going to spend massive amounts of time editing videos and allowing you to suffer experience this road trip with me.
In all honesty it is my first “road trip” with my kids. I feel like I am about to graduate into dad hell… ARE WE THERE YET?
Luckily, the in laws are going to be caravaning behind us.
That means when Heather has had enough of me having enough of the kids I will jump in their ride.
The trip starts in 2 hours.
Atlanta to Ashville.
At night.
Pray for us. For my children.
That they do not feel the thunder of my backhand swinging over the center console.
And pray that it goes by as fast as my last Saturday…

La Vida Loca.