I know. I know. I missed June’s Flava.
That’s because May’s Flava was so hot that they needed 2 months to cool down.
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I subscribe to 50 blogs.
These are 5 of them.

Farewell to May and Aloha JULY!!!
To the right you will find the blogs that I am ALL about right now.
The ones that inspire me and challenge me and frustrate me that I have not achieved the freshness that they are.
Ready? OK.


1. Joshua Blankenship // He is the media head over at the newspring.cc I have met Joshua once. It was at Buckhead Church and he was in Tony’s entourage.
I’m pretty sure he has his own.
His skills will make you dizzy and his music taste is reason enough to go check out his vida.
2. Max Hsu // I think Max’s blog was the first blog I ever fell for. He is the creative genius behind Super Chick, one of the best producers out there, and his photography might be catching up with his music. Yea. Man Crush. Go check out his stuff.
3. Spence Smith // Besides being associate pastor of The Church of Ragatwitts, Spence might be one of the greatest guys I know. He was ultimately responsible for getting me on the Compassion International trip. He has a heart as big as Dolly Partons, hair. He loves the Lord with everything that is within him. And he is a freaking triathlete stud. What is not to like about this guy?
4. The Epic Beat // I have known Adam longer than any of the other guys on this list. Adam is on staff at the church that Sandals Church lived in for many years. He is the creative guru at The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA. He is that guy that once I left Riverside, was pissed I did not get to know better. You guys will want to watch what him and The Grove are up to. And watch this video. Brilliant.

So there you go.
July’s Flava.
So let’s spread the love.
What is your newest favorite blog right now?
I need to get ready for August!!!