Photo 473

So look at all that mess down there!!!
Lots of heat. Lots of great points. Lots of bad points.
Lots of authenticity.
I see the worship leaders uniting.
Arms locks as in an intense red rover game.
I see attendees uniting. Able to voice their annoyances in a forum where they know worship leaders will hear.
Both are fair.
But since I threw the grenade, here is my take…

Worship leaders…
What you are hearing here is what is not being said to you by the masses on Sundays.
This is the question I BEG to know the answer to on a weekly basis.
Did the worship leader have an amazing moment with the Lord on stage and forget to bring the attenders with him?
Is the church tired of hearing the same song over and over again?
Is the church tired of hearing amazing sermons with hours of prep put into them from the teaching pastor only to have worship dude pull something out his tail end he thought up in the moment?

That is the rest of you 😉
Are you so stuck in your zone that God can’t use a hicky filled kid half your age to lead you into His presence in new and fresh ways? (I did laugh out loud at the hicky comment because I’ve led worship with a hicky before)
Are you going in to a church service spiritually prepared for what is about to take place?
Are you telling me that your teaching pastor can tell you to all read your text out loud without a thought from you but when the worship pastor tells you to raise your hands…it’s different?

I think the common thread I am finding here is what your Sunday morning worship services are intended to do.
That is where lots of this conversation is stemming from.
All of your comments are GREAT questions and comments to chew on.
As we chew, remember not to spit on your neighbor.
That’s just gross.
And if the worship leader really sucks at bringing you into His presence on a Sunday morning, here is the cool thing,
It’s not really his job anyways.
I think someone just made that job title “Worship Leader” up a few years back.
But hey, I’m not complaining.
It’s been really good for me.