Welcome to MySweetJesus.com, the home of the adorable My Sweet Jesus doll. The My Sweet Jesus doll is cute and cuddly and brings comfort to Christians of all ages. He’s the perfect gift for Baby Showers, Baptisms, First Communions, Birthdays or any occasion! (Seniors love him, too!)

My Sweet Jesus is not only soft and comforting, he’s also a wonderful reminder that Jesus is with us always. Even if we just need a hug!

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So here’s our growing list of great reasons to have a Jesus doll of your very own. If you have a few reasons to offer of your own, please email us at info@mysweetjesus.com. We’d love to hear from you!

* Reminds you to pray before bed.
* Helps you develop a friendship with Jesus
* Shows that you are Christian (and proud of it!)
* Makes you smile
* Encourages you to get out of bed and go to Church on Sunday
* Provides comfort in troubled times
* Spreads Jesus’ message of love wherever he goes
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You’re Welcome