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I got this email earlier today…

I want to read your blog. Really, I do. However, I am 50, waaaaay above the average age of your reader. I think.

Please please please ditch the bright green, brother. Can’t read it. Even with my old-lady glasses.

God bless you.

Ragamuffin Reader in Charlotte

This got me thinking about you poor IE web surfers.
A year or so ago 50% of my readers were using Internet Explorer to read RagamuffinSoul.
Now that number has dropped to 10%.
If you are reading this in Internet Explorer then you are probably seeing a grey background and all the links are hard to read in their current lime green color.
Seeing that I am not the web building guru that some of you are I have no idea how to fix this problem in IE except to tell you to SWITCH to Firefox.
It’s better for the environment.
And seriously, I’m trying to fix this problem.

What browser are you using to read this post?