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So I’m sitting across from my wife. She is on her laptop and I am on mine. The glow off her screen is illuminating her red nose and tear stained cheeks.
She has had an AMAZING birthday.
Lots of love from all over the world.
Then why is she crying?
Because her best friend lives on the other side of the country.
They had their babies like at the same time and stuff.
Brian and I think we got duped.
We were just sex pawns in their little child birthing game.
That is the kind of friends they are.
Dreaming of having our kids grow up together and that dream started to come true.
Sohaila and Seanna LOVE Kiara and Melania.
The kids were best of friends.
But that is slowly going to fade as the months turn to years and so on.
Just a season of life.
So when we got home from the movies tonight and there was a voicemail saying to check Jacinda’s blog, I knew they had done something wonderful for Heather.
Go check it out yourself and remember that every moment you have with those you love should be cherished.
Thanks for making Heather’s birthday.
You really did.