Picture 3-22I love stats.
Love them.
Because a click is a person.
A person has a heartbeat.
A heartbeat has a passion.
A passion can change the world.
You can change the world.
So there are now over 3000 heartbeats reading this blog via RSS
There are over 2500 heartbeats coming to the site through a plain old browser.
There are 1207 heartbeats linking here and agreeing with the vision of this blog.
What is that vision?
It was one of my first posts in 2005.
To dive deep within your chest, past any aspect of self, seeking to admit your faults, while rejoicing in HIS strength
That is why I do this everyday.
Because I can see with my own eyes that people are getting it.
Churning out authenticity in the best way they know how.

So cheers to you.
What keeps you coming back to Ragamuffin Soul?