Photo 502
( That’s me making an 8 )

I know. It’s August 10th.
I suck.

I used to have this top five list.

It was my @ $ $ smooching way of loving some bloggers out there.
They were my blog crushes.
We all have them.
I pimped them.

Well I got rid of the top five for flavors of the month.
“Flavas” if you have any sort of soul in you.

July has come and gone.
Lots of man crushes.

Thanks for checking out Josh, Max, Spence, and Adam.
Drum roll please…
Here is August Flava at Ragamuffin Soul.

Kemmyer1. Kem Meyer [Less Clutter Less Noise] – I have read Kem’s blog for a few years now. Back in ’95 When Granger launched their new website I took it to my bosses at Sandals and begged for them to look at it. They were like…”Who’s Granger?” I was like…”Um. I dunno. a rad church by Notre Dame.”. They were like…”Oh cool.” I was like…”Yea. Rad”
So from then on I I have read every sing one of Kem’s post.
She is a brilliant communications strategist. Great communicator. Really engaging writer. Great FEMALE Leader. And uses commas better than I.
Go read her blog and learn something new about how to effectively communicate to your church.

Pete2. Pete Wilson [Without Wax] – I met Pete at the Ragamuffin Soul Drive Blogger Gathering For The Masses That Will Change The Way Bloggers Blog For Change In Blogging Blogdom.
I have to say. He is much shorter and better looking that I thought.
Pete leads this AMAZING church in Nashvegas. He is a blogging beast. All his posts get like 453 comments. I have tried to replicate the outfit he has on in his bio picture but can’t pull it off. Without Wax is a DEEP look at the heart of an amazing pastor who is doing everything he can to reach the city of Nashville for Christ and I would go to his church in a heartbeat. He has a staff of rockstars and is on his game in Nashvegas.

Scott3. Scott Williams [Big Is The New Small] – A brotha from anotha mutha. Scott Williams is the campus pastor at the Northwest Oklahoma City Campus of
He was a warden in the prison system for 13 years. He is a motivator. He guest blogs at Swerve. He also uses the bleeding cowboys font that I do in his header image. That in and of itself is reason enough to go give him a blog hug.
Any non anglo who uses that font is on my side.

Cynthia4. Cynthia Ware [Digital Sanctuary] – Cynthia is like the diva of church blogging. She has the top spot on the AllTop Church Section. She is a blogging machine. I had the great opportunity to meet her this year at the Purpose Driven Worship Conference. She came to my workshop and I tell you, when I saw her walk in I had a minor heart palpitation. I downed a 20mg paxil tab and was just fine.
I do not subscribe to many blogs but hers is one that I read every day.
Go give her some Ragamuffin Soul love.

Benarment5. Ben Arment [History In The Making] – I have been tracking with what Ben has been up to for years now. I am good friends with Matt Morgan his former worship pastor and now lead pastor of Reston Community Church in Reston, VA. Ben is now on staff with Catalyst Conferences here in Atlanta. He is the Experience & Innovation Director at Catalyst which basically means he has all of your leadership and man crushes digits on his celly. His blog is full of sarcasm, questions, and wit. If you don’t like my blog because I am raw, you really wont like his. Not because he gets naked on his blog or anything. More because he makes fun of the 2nd biggest denomination in the South East.
Brilliant Blog.

So there you have it friends. My top 5 list of blogs I am sending 5000 of you to scour and dive into.
Have fun.

Which of these do you already read and who should be included NEXT MONTH???
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