Since the day I got here I told my team that the first year I’m here I want to do one thing.
Close the gap between the crowd and the stage.
That means lots of things.
Here is how I laid out our first year goals to my team…
Well all I can say is, God did it.
Using the team I have around me and constant prayer, last Thursday night I can truly say that not only was the gap closed, it was destroyed.
It has taken lots of work, strategic teaching, strategic leading, and prayer. And the journey to close the gap is not over.
It is just beginning.
One night does not make a movement.
But it can ignite one.
A year ago TODAY I was leading in front of these people at the church that made me who I am…

A few months later I was leading in front of this…
The only hand raised was that of my 5 year old Sohaila.

The atmosphere was changing though.
I could see desire in the faces of the church to connect in a deeper way.

Last Thursday night I led in front of this…
2500 people united as one for One.

Knowing you are called to go somewhere makes it slightly easier (was that bad grammar?) but it was the hardest decision of my life.
I cried this morning alone in my office.
Yelling at God for taking me from a place that is real with themselves, others, and God without thinking twice about it.
Thanking God for bringing me to a place that has the leverage to actually impact an entire city.
See following God is not easy.
Some people have not been hip with changes, ME, the way I do things, where this church is heading.
My dad told me this would be the case.
That I need to surround myself with people who will follow the vision God has placed in my heart to see a church within the city of Atlanta striving towards authentic worship on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
I believe when someone worships God on Sundays with an undignified love that it only begins to set aflame a passion in their hearts the rest of the week.
So that is why I am here. To have Atlanta, GA hear the rumblings from the walls of 3336 Peachtree Rd. and then see that rumbling pour out into the city and transform it one relationship at a time.
I’m Blessed to be here.

Father God,
I beg you. I beg you from my calloused heart to set my church free.
Free from any sort of inward focus and set us ablaze in this city.
Show us in any way, shape, and form how we are to change this city into the most authentic community of believers the world has ever seen.
To God Be The Glory


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