When Sandals Church started we hand coded websites like this one.

For the year 2000, I was actually proud of this piece of work.
Well churches do not have to suffer anymore.
There are a few guys who were like 11 in the year 2000 that are making things sexy fly for your churches online experiences.
Introducing Clover.
Picture 2-4

We believe in equipping the church to do the work God has called it to do.

We know that your calling is huge… That it takes precidence over everything else in your life. Whether you are a church planter, pastor, or para-church leader; a major part of your ministry is making your heart known to the community and demographic you’re trying to minister to.

We believe that Clover will provide you with a means of communicating your heart and vision to your community, and it will do it in a fashion that is current, clean and fresh.

Our heart is that you are freed up to do the work of Christ in this world…
A calling that we don’t take lightly.

Clover has invented the most intuitive management system I have ever seen. Putting you in the driver seat.
And seriously. The sites they have built look amazing.
Head over to Clover and take a few of their demo sites for a spin.

Who designs your site?

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