So Heather, my bride, is a rock star.
I have no idea how she does what she does on a daily basis.
She runs Casa de Whittaker.
I’m merely a tenant.
My jobs as the lazy, male that I am are as follows.
1. Trash. This includes every aspect of what that word entails.
2. Putting laundry away. She washes, dries, folds, hangs, and stacks.
All my lazy butt has to do is walk them from the laundry room to their respective closets.
3. The grass.
4. Vacuuming.

Thats it.
Those are my MUSTS.
Of’course I help when I get home.
Baths, bedtime, ect.

And you know what?
I suck at those 4 things.
I forget all the time.
Heather finishes her 1,423 jobs every day.

Alas, I fail.

So how do you guys split the domestic duties?
I’m dying to know.
We have such an eclectic group here of professional women, stay at home dads, both working, home business owners.
Everybody now.
How do you split it?