Why did you choose to accept the invitation? – (Christianity Today)
Somebody calls you and asks you to pray, you do. – (Donald Miller)

Donald Miller, who is giving the opening benediction at the Democratic National Convention, after Cameron Strang (CEO of RELEVANT MEDIA GROUP) accepted then turned down the invitation

quote from Christianity Today

Strang is quoted as saying “people perceived the prayer as showing favoritism.”

I tend to agree with him.
He represents an entire organization, Relevant Media Group, which I’m sure he does not want to be seen as a “Democratic” pub.
Although you take one sweep through that puppy and you will be hugging trees and saving whales.
I agree with like 99.999% of the stuff in that pub.
That makes it pretty much, well, nevermind.

So. Would you have prayed?
I would love to say had they asked me, I would have said yes.
But the truth is, I wouldn’t have.
I’m representing Buckhead Church and I have to remember that.
If I was a self employed author?
I’d pray like a 6th grader in Catholic School detention.

But man, doesn’t Millers answer glow with stones of glory?
Or are they just figments of our imagination?

So that’s my take.
Who’s got the real stones?
My votes for Strang who said no.That probably took more stones.
Strang, Miller, both, or neither?