One of the many reasons I love twitter is because I get to share my day with all my followers as it happens.
I’m sure video will come soon but for now there is twitpic.
That link sends you to all the images I have taken with my iPhone and “twitpic’d” for the world to see.
Today was a great example.
I was on the MARTA train when a mother of 2 came in and sat next to me.
This woman single handily changed my life.
Well you all know how much it tortures you to see your kid sleeping with their neck bent so hard that their forehead is by their ankles.
This happens in the stroller.
This happens in the car seat.
Well this mama figured it out.
I twitpic’d this and then I told her I thought she was brilliant.
She said it happened on accident one day and now she just “jams the baby’s head all up in there” when the child is about to fall asleep.
Sounds good to me.

I’m totally inventing the stroller with the forehead strap and making millions.