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  • dude it gets worse then that. I have a friend who’s boyfriend taught at a High School here in GA. He taught both AP and remedial classes. His non AP students once asked if they could “drive to Africa”. The sad part is they were serious. Really Really serious….

  • hahaha! i will be laughing about that all day! i love that they didn’t even spell georgia right…

  • Reminds me of the folks in Albertville, Alabama who were all excited about the Winter Olympics coming to their city in 1992.

  • Someone launch the ROFLCopter. This is too funny.

  • Chris Barr

    Amazing. I heard a clip on one of the Atlanta radio stations where a girl called in and when she finally got through she mentioned how she tried and tried and the calls weren’t going through, etc.
    The MC’s mentioned all the power outages and tanks around the area invading GA….she flipped!! “And y’all are still broadcasting?!?” (*with concern in her voice)
    We’re not laughing at ignorance…..or are we? 🙂

  • Fay

    I’ve had to forward this several times over the past few weeks. Sigh. Geography, people.

  • wow.

    let’s all find solace in the fact that there are dumbasses such as this in every state 🙂

  • My wife is from Georgia, Los, meaning I have to be careful. But I know that you, Ben Arment, myself and others only came in to enjoy the things we have seen and learned from (we are now in Virginia) from the native Georgians. Check out this post at my blog (http://e-devotion.blogspot.com/2008/08/pray-for-and-proud-of-jack.html) as my wife’s nephew is flying His Georgia Bulldog flag in Africa. Story: We went to my wife’s 10th class reunion (now 10 years ago), and I asked her where we should park. I jockingly said, “near the pickup trucks that seem to grow beer cans in the back.” What did we find when we arrived at Shoneys? (Yes, at Shoneys) Pickup trucks with beer cans in the back. Georgia is a “one of a kind” place!

  • wow, oh wow. my goodness.

  • He’s probably in his weapons bunker now with the whole family living off spam and hasn’t got round to reading any replies yet.

  • I really hope she was being facetious. If not, well, I have no words. None. I’m just sad.

  • Most of the time I am glad to tell people I am from Georgia tell I read something like this… O-my. Though I am not at all surprised

  • That’s freakin awesome!

  • Notice the grammar.

  • I don’t mean to burst the GA bubble, but Georgia is also a province/territory/state or whatever they call it of Russia

  • Mishababy

    In the immortal words of Bill Engvall…

    Here’s yur sign!!!

  • wow. I sit here shaking my head…then I notice the first person to reply (somehow ever so politely) how 20 “thumbs up” ratings and 14 “thumbs down”! What exactly is there to give a thumbs down about telling this dude that the state of Georgia and Nation of the same name are 2 different places!? Do those 14 people think the answer is incorrect?…

  • The Canadian

    ROTFLOL!! But why are you knocking Georgia? I’m Canadian and this is what we think of most of Americans….I’ll duck now.

  • Dan

    Part of me would be deeply disappointed if that’s real. But another part would be deeply disappointed if it’s just someone clowning.

    I think my head may explode.

  • I am not sure I can really say what I am thinking on this comment… it is hilarious except for the fact that the guy is serious. and @the Canadian, it is the special few that always get recognized for their brilliance

  • The Canadian, i am not scared to admit that i am also Canadian and you are right…that just played totally to what i knew of Americans until i moved down here. The majority of them are great…and through the olympics i am being won over.

    I will remember this quote or question for a while and laugh for a while….Carlos, was that you?

  • no, you shouldn’t be worried, but you SHOULD be in school! =) This was GREAT!

  • Your tax dollars at work, educating your children.

  • wooosh! i was worried, too. thanks for the update los.


  • wow…..wow…….really??!?!?

  • WOW…I’m a youth pastor…that’s sad! they didn’t spell Russia right either…again…wow!

  • no way. no flippin way. Are you kidding me? omg.

  • three words: hooked on phonics.

  • Dinkin flicka.

  • I sadly know a person or two that writes (and sometimes talks) like this. I always wonder how people get by being barely comprehensible.

  • Gad! With all the things I know and am capable of finding out within minutes, I would have to ask myself, “Why am I not filthy rich?”

  • Ha! Yeah, I got a call from my uncle in NJ last week (who, by the way NEVER calls for ANYTHING) and said he was worried about us down here in Georgia because he “heard about all the tanks and stuff.”

  • Georgia is a country? I thought it was a state. Which is it? Did it become a country and I never realized it. Man, no one tells us anything in Oklahoma.

  • I lived in Georgia for a couple years…I don’t miss it.

  • Yeah, carlo. that kind of scares me!

    some people would rather doodle in their textbooks than actually pay attention…and this is what comes of that
    Stay in school kids, stay in school.

  • ash


  • amy

    Well we can’t all be super inteligent ; )

  • Thank God for people like this. I needed that laugh.

  • matt g

    I en georgee 2… were r ew… we can take sheltar togeter

  • Thank-you, No Child Left Behind.

  • that is so freakin’ funny… Los don’t you live in Atlanta, Russia? You should help that kid out.