I have gotten, hold on, let me count, 29 emails asking if Louie Giglio is starting a church in Atlanta.
So to answer you all at one time, yes.
Not that this has any merit whatsoever but here is my one sentence statement as to how I feel about Passion Church…

-Carlos Whittaker

Louie is one of those guys who have mentored me from afar. I have listened to EVERY single message from him I could get my hands on.
His gift to take a believer in Christ and set ablaze something fresh in their heart in undeniable.
He has helped shape who I am by his passion, focus, and unwavering commitment to one cause.
Seeing a generation fall on their face before Jesus Christ.
Atlanta is one step closer to revival because of this decision and I hope Passion Church is the key that unlocks revival within my city.
NorthPoint Ministries, Buckhead Church in particular, is locking arms with Passion Church to reach the 6 million people in this city.
We have 3000 seats in our auditorium.
We need some help.
Here is a video interview that is about 20 minutes long where Jeff Henderson (my boss) sits with Louie and lets Louie share the story.
[Flash Video Embedded Below for you RSS readers] [flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”LouieInterviewLong” filepath=”rtmp://cp20979.edgefcs.net/ondemand/fcs.northpointcc/bc/blog”/]

So this is what I would like you to do.
Go to My Church Blog and leave a note of encouragement for Louie ind his team.
A few clarifying points for you journalists out there.
1. 722’s announcement last week has nothing to do with this.
2. Atlanta GA is not Andy Stanley’s backyard. Louie has a back yard here. I have a backyard here.
3. Yes Chris Tomlin is shorter than me.
4. Of’course I am going to be at Passion Church whenever my schedule permits. Are you nuts? That place is going to be off the hook on Sundays.

Let’s spend some time praying for Passion Church instead of questioning Passion Church.
I can only imagine the impact on my city if people spent the same amount of time praying for Passion Church as has been spent questioning who, what, when, where, and why.
Not that those questions are not important.
Well actually. They’re not.

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