Louie Giglio And Passion Church

I have gotten, hold on, let me count, 29 emails asking if Louie Giglio is starting a church in Atlanta.
So to answer you all at one time, yes.
Not that this has any merit whatsoever but here is my one sentence statement as to how I feel about Passion Church…

-Carlos Whittaker

Louie is one of those guys who have mentored me from afar. I have listened to EVERY single message from him I could get my hands on.
His gift to take a believer in Christ and set ablaze something fresh in their heart in undeniable.
He has helped shape who I am by his passion, focus, and unwavering commitment to one cause.
Seeing a generation fall on their face before Jesus Christ.
Atlanta is one step closer to revival because of this decision and I hope Passion Church is the key that unlocks revival within my city.
NorthPoint Ministries, Buckhead Church in particular, is locking arms with Passion Church to reach the 6 million people in this city.
We have 3000 seats in our auditorium.
We need some help.
Here is a video interview that is about 20 minutes long where Jeff Henderson (my boss) sits with Louie and lets Louie share the story.
[Flash Video Embedded Below for you RSS readers] [flashvideo width=”426″ height=”240″ filename=”LouieInterviewLong” filepath=”rtmp://cp20979.edgefcs.net/ondemand/fcs.northpointcc/bc/blog”/]

So this is what I would like you to do.
Go to My Church Blog and leave a note of encouragement for Louie ind his team.
A few clarifying points for you journalists out there.
1. 722’s announcement last week has nothing to do with this.
2. Atlanta GA is not Andy Stanley’s backyard. Louie has a back yard here. I have a backyard here.
3. Yes Chris Tomlin is shorter than me.
4. Of’course I am going to be at Passion Church whenever my schedule permits. Are you nuts? That place is going to be off the hook on Sundays.

Let’s spend some time praying for Passion Church instead of questioning Passion Church.
I can only imagine the impact on my city if people spent the same amount of time praying for Passion Church as has been spent questioning who, what, when, where, and why.
Not that those questions are not important.
Well actually. They’re not.

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  • Kevin Bazal

    Right on. I am so excited about Louie starting a church. Carlos, you are right. Passion Church will only help stoke the fire of spreading Jesus’ fame here in Atlanta.

  • big win for Jesus. go for it Louie!

  • Mike Stecker

    awesome! I love listening to Louie teach and I was bummed when I couldn’t hear him anymore from 7:22 (have to listen online since I’m in southern cali), now I can hear him teach more… woohoo!

  • I am feeling the passion… COOL!

  • I believe God is leading this decision for Louie. So we should rally behind him, trust and believe that God knows what he is doing.

    I am for it!

  • I think it is awesome news. Andy and Louie have helped shape me from afar with their messages, their passion, and their leadership. I think one of the most important aspects is the figures at which the experts are predicting Atlanta will grow in the years to come. There is definitely room for Andy and Louie in the ATL!

  • hr

    i hope they have a podcast. someone bring all this crazy wonderful church goodness up to the northeast please!? we’re not all crazy pagans here, i promise.

  • I live in Wilmington, NC and heard the news of this happening and my first thought was get ready Atlanta and I would not mind living in a city that will be touched by so many great leaders that happen to be leading a church with the gifts.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the launch, but I will be getting back to PC3 here in Wilmington. Because its great to live in a city where God is raising up some amazing church leaders here as well. And many thanks to Andy & Louie for being the influence to make that happen here in Wilmington

  • Great perspective Carlos. . . I was just reading about a church plant starting in my town and I started to get a bit frustrated because I was like, “do they realize that we are already here trying to be a light?” But your blog has reminded me that we don’t own the back yard. We need to work together to maximize our impact.

    Thanks for the post.

    Ps. You are not taller than David Crowder’s hair though.

  • i love when i already know things. makes me feel special.

  • Yeah, I think it is totally awesome. When Matt Redman was here 2 weeks ago he said the he has relocated from the UK to ATL too. I here Tomlin and the Matt came to help out but that could be speculation. I think it will be a great movement.

  • Thrilled to hear of the news with Passion Church launching; you may well have that exclusive breaking news in the blogosphere 🙂 Very much appreciate your Kingdom-minded attitude to rejoice and celebrate others who are seeking to reach more people — so contrarian to territorialism, turf wars, and name-calling pirates.

  • Man – I am a church planter in downtown Atlanta and I am totally pumped about Passion Church. Atlanta, and every big city in America, needs more churches and we ought to all celebrate, pray, give, attend, and partner with them every chance we get.

    For the record, territorial pastors and leaders are insecure about who they are and lack the vision to see that the success of a church like Passion Church doesn’t hurt anybody in any way. In fact, even though I am planting in Atlanta, I see a church like this moving to the city as a benefit that will help invite the Spirit of God into our city.

    If we had 10 more Buckhead Churches and 25 Passion Churches in Atlanta, our city would still have unchurched people man!

    This move by Louie and crew also confirms for me that God is moving a great deal of His work back to the church and away from para-church organizations.

    -Shaun & Crew

  • first thought, “really?” second thought, “why not?”

  • Dan

    I’m excited for Louie. He’s right: the church (small c) is Christ’s bride. Other kinds of ministries (like Passion) are awesome and can change live, but nothing compares to churches getting down in their local communities.

  • Sounds passionate. Louie’s a cool cat.

  • AWESOME! I love Louie!!!!!

  • Packing my bag for the trip up when they open.

  • Jam

    I love asking “What if?” What if a partnership with Buckhead, Northpoint and Passion Church do create a revival in Atlanta? What if Atlanta is known as a town that is on fire for Jesus? What if when people come here they are genuinely touched by the Holy Spirit because of our love for Christ? With God all things are possible.

  • You (and your lovely wife) are so down to earth on your blogs (I found your blog via “boomama’s”), it makes me want to come back to church. (I live in the ATL, too!) I had gotten tired of the “doing church”, you know? Thanks for opening up so many dialogues about the issues and methods of today’s churches!

  • I am SO pumped about this! I attended “Passion on the Hill” years ago and I remember sitting there thinking about what it would be like to have a Passion Church. Atlanta, get ready…

  • Katie

    Not trying to be rude at all, but I think those questions ARE important. Just because someone is “famous” in christian circles does not mean that anyone should not question them. As long as people are respectful in asking the questions, I think we SHOULD evaluate whether something is the right thing or not. The attitude of not questioing the pastor’s judgement on things is frankly what made me believe that it wasn’t okay to ask God questions either. I am just now learning that he is not offended or annoyed at my questions because he loves me. I don’t have a strong opinion either way on this issue, but if I had questions about it, it would be very discouraging to hear that my questions were not important-

  • Amen. Los, thanks for going “public” with this. I mean, I think .. no, I know .. people are asking that question “what does Northpoint Min think about this .. was there a split, was there a disagreement”, etc. I know because I’ve *HEARD* that stuff.

    It’s refreshing to see a sense of teamwork and Kingdom-building, and not the territorial control we’ve heard of.

    I guess Andy’s not going to call Louie a “pirate”, eh!? (EY)


  • yen apellido

    can chris tomlin be my friend????

  • Sheila

    To answer a previous post, we know this is not a split or disagreement, because Louie announced it at North Point Community Church live when he did a two-part series there July 19th and 26th, that is now being shown at Buckhead Church (or maybe Louie is live there – not sure). Andy is fully supportive of Louie’s move into developing a church.

  • is louie giglio starting a church? 🙂

  • I heard a couple of months ago and I think it’s awesome. Thanks for your heart and sharing about them.

  • Carlos, One question. When are these worship leaders who moved to the city going to be leading worship at our church one or two sundays?

  • Dan

    I don’t know how I feel about this…

    No this isn’t even a territorial issue. The issue is “more of the same”. More big-church mentality? More sermonic monologue with a ultra-hip worship band? More “seeker-sensitive” and “local church” focused ministry in a rapidly post-Christian America?

    I don’t doubt for a second Louie’s passion and heart for God. He’s an incredible guy. I just think to myself, when will we move away from attractional church-centric Christianity?

  • Hey Dan,

    You totally lost me man. I read and re-read your comment and I just don’t know what you’re trying to say.

    You don’t want churches to become big?

    Or attractive?

    Or hip?

    Or local?

    Seems like you are saying that you want small, unattractive, vintage something or another…sounds like small groups.

    I’ll quit guessing and just ask…what is it that you are looking for?


  • Agatha

    Hi. I didn’t really go through all the replies in this thread. Just a quick inquiry. I will be staying in Atlanta for three months starting September. Usually, I live at the Residence Inn or Sheraton in downtown Atlanta. Where do you think I go to church during Sundays. I don’t drive. 😀 I take the MARTA to move around. Help please. Couldn’t stand being churchless that long.


  • Carolyn Chapman

    Hallelujah is my word of gratitude! Enamoured by what God has put in your heart Louie, I am so thrilled to know there is someone in Atlanta with your “Passion.” It is my prayer that all the wonderful churches in Atlanta will embrace this work and will see God as you see Him. You just bless my socks off with your insight and your humbleness. It is all about the Kingdom and our journey to that place and all I can say is “you go Louie…Yea God!!!!!

  • To add some fuel to the flame. Chris Tomlin’s Austin House is on sale…

    Check this out: http://www.embassyworship.com/journal/chris-tomlins-house-for-sale-13-m/

  • Ahh, now Louie, Chris and the boys will know my pain. HA! It was rich and rewarding for me coming off of the road and getting into the trenches long-term 10 years ago. There was a marked difference playing and leading itinerantly, hearing backstories from pastor and students of how God was working in their lives after we had been there to getting up at 6 am to meet with a church member who was clinging to sobriety in his pornography addiction. I wouldn’t go back for anything. I love the trenches. Both are rewarding, but different. (I know they both know this and have experienced it to a degree, but it is another thing to be there every single day and feel the weight of the mantle of leadership.) Louie and Chris, have a blast. Enjoy God and roll with the frustrations. I am praying for both of you guys.


  • HEY!! I feel you! I’ve listened to every Louie talk. The Passion movements inspires me. I’m super excited about this church!!!! Wish I lived there. There’s only a big ocean between us…oh well..
    Hope this church and other churches will set Atlanta on fire!!

  • Melanie Adkins

    I live about 4 hours away from Atlanta, but I will be there as often as I can. I always take something from Chris and Louis that sticks with me. Through Louis’ words, I recently received lasting comfort in a significant trial in my life. Louis gets to “the meat” as they say and makes me ponder on deep issues that lead me to seek God’s direction through prayers. I am maturing as a Christian, and I believe that God has used Chris and Louis to contribute to this growth.

  • Andrew Tagliaboschi

    So, raise your hand if you would drop everything right now and go work there?

  • Corey

    All I can say is WOW!!!!

    I believe that God is definitely leading his way.

    CongrTS Louie!!!!

    See you at the Passion Church

  • Corey

    All I can say is WOW!!!!

    I believe that God is definitely leading his way.

    CongrTS Louie!!!!

    See you at the Passion Church

  • Steve

    Louie’s ministry has provided a wonderful common ground, open to every one from every part of the Church of Jesus Christ. Passion has been a non-threatening rallying point for believers from all perspectives. I hope Louie realizes that this move will affect his ability to lead Passion in the same way. Unfortunately, I believe he will begin to be perceived as a threat to a certain number of church and para-church leaders and their groups as the new church attracts people in the Atlanta area. He will have to do one or the other. He will, unfortunately, not be able to do both. I love this team, and I pray that they are listening carefully to what God wants.

  • Darius

    Its crazy how one chapter ends and another begins. The final “Good night” from Jarrett meant the loss, if you will, of something that has held some people up in difficult times; but now, 180*<degrees<, the same scope that lead Louie to found the weekly meetings, is getting amplified. Passion Church seems like it has the steam of eager believers to turn out change thats going to spill over the Georgia State line and past the continent.

    Hahahaha. Louie hit the nail on the head in calling the “why is he starting a church in Andy’s Backyard”, shpeil “me-ness”. Its the same kind of feeling that people had when Louie decided it was his time to dedicate exactly the right amount of time into helping Passion Grow and allowing others leaders at North Point take 7|22 to the next step. “Look how far we’ve come”..or to re-phrase, “Look how far God has taken us with JUST this little 7|22 idea. Can you imagine what an entire CHURCH could do to people in Atlanta.

    Find something to Hold onto….

  • Dear Louie, wow it's about time that's my first of many comments to come. i have been listening to passion worship for years, i am a single mother with an 11 year old daughter and we live in orlando, but i'm here to tell you i have a little money in the bank saved and i'm ready to pack it up and leave orlando all behind to be able to go to your church. i just added a bulletin on my myspace page about how we as adults have to start getting radical enough to step out of the box because these kids growing up now need much more than what so many of today's churches offer, from worship to teaching, to truth.

    God Bless,

    Stephanie Lynch (casselberry,fla.)

  • slynch1963

    i can't tell you how many people i know in this area who would have a stroke if for example the christian radio station here played like todd agnew's "it is well" on the only christian station we have here. they play chris' music, but it's limited to "here i am to worship". there is so much more out there, and it breaks my heart to know that because of management red tape at this station, they will not go out of their comfort zone. i guess they're afraid of losing big donations. is that how we are supposed to be as christians? i always thought we were supposed to take a leap of faith and let God do the rest. well i won't go into anymore for now. but trust me there is more to come. i am so excited that you are doing this. please feel free to go to my myspace page and read my bulletin, when you have time. i love christy, david, chris, matt, and all of the rest of you.

    God Bless,

    Stephanie Lynch (this is the rest of my first posting, but i had to break it in half)

  • My question is why would people even question, “Why?”

  • Can’t see how the Passion Church and the Atlanta Passion Conference can coexist. I suspect Louie will now lose support of Pastors throughout the Atlanta Region in sending their Collegians to Passion.

    I feel Louie should have done more (any??) to help enable existing local churches to be more affirming of Collegians.

    I thought in the past of Passion and my church as working together as a team. It appears we were not.

    Tired of being Pied Piper’d.


    • Elizabeth Rushing

      I love (meaning really, really don’t like) how some posters here are not-so-subtley “warning” Louie that “some pastors” are going to decide that Passion Conference is now in COMPETITION (?????!!!!) with their church, since Louie will lead Passion City Church.
      I give you props though – at least you had the courage to be honest and open with the fear in your heart. Don’t judge Louie, or much, much worse, deny your young people the AMAZING JOY of worshipping at Passion Conference because you’re afraid they’ll “stray” to Passion Church.
      When I was a teen, every summer, I’d go to a camp where two other churches partnered with my church.
      The speakers and music were amazing, mostly from the other churches, but my youth pastor and our worship band performed as well.
      There would be times when missing my camp friends, I’d attend a service once in awhile at one of these “co-hosting” churches. Friends at those churches would at times visit mine. None of those pastors feared losing their kids.
      As long as you are offering Spirit led teaching and worship at your church, God will bless it, and your church will grow. Don’t succumb to earthly desires for status or dominance, or fear the work God may be doing in another gathering. WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!! Blessing.