I was part of a homeless church for 9 years.
I remember driving by Harvest Christian Fellowship on my way to and from work and thinking gangsta thoughts.
Most of the negative conversations I had in my early days of ministry were built out of jealousy and self worth.
After being a part of what is deemed as a “mega-church” for almost a year now, let me be a mythbuster.
This might take the wind out of a few your sails, but it’s better that way.

Myth: You can’t find real relationships in a mega-church
Truth: You were not in my living room Sunday night with Heather, Zach, Meghan, and I.

Myth: Mega-Churches are a mile wide and an inch deep.
Truth: I dive deeper into the core of who this church is every week and have yet to even see the bottom. When you figure out how to love your neighbor then maybe we will dive into the hermeneutical Hebrew apostolic translations.

Myth: Mega-Churches have it all figured out.
Truth: They hired me. If this was true. It no longer is.

Myth: Because they pay musicians to play on Sunday morning, there is not as much “heart” on stage.
Truth: A paycheck does not forfeit love for God. Honestly, you not only have musicians that “have heart” on stage, you now have musicians that can play their instruments well.

Myth: Mega-Churches are built on a man. The main communicator.
Truth: I have not heard one baptism video on Sunday morning with the line “I accepted Andy Stanley into my heart and am telling the world I am living the rest of my life for him!”

Myth: Mega-Church staffs are cooperate, non-relational, and stiff.
Truth: Ummmmmmmmmmmm

Myth: Mega-Churches are too uptight with their money and should just give it all away.
Truth: Please find me the verse that says churches are supposed to be stupid with their money. I am more grateful than ever to have the financial teams we have at NPMI.

Myth: Mega-Churches should spend their money rescuing orphans with all their dollars instead of building fancy buildings.
Truth: They should rescue orphans. They should also rescue Bob the 38 year old banker who lives off of Tower Place Drive in Buckhead.

Myth: 70% of all male staff try to look like Rob Bell.
Truth: OK. You got us. This one is true.

OK. I’ve got to head to work and spend the day watching Nooma videos.