Wear your colors.
Here’s the deal.
The community we have here is growing every day.
I think it is time to show off our love for each other with a PHAT design.
Can you hear the conversation…
“Hey. Cool shirt. What is Ragamuffin Soul?”
“It’s a blog”

I love T-Shirts.
My 2 favorites are my LA INK Obey Shirt and my Hollywood on I am wearing in the Polaroid image up top.
I want YOU to design the shirt.
I am partnering with my boy Dustin at to be the very first blog community doing this.
It is very similar to a Threadless style t-shirt design contest.
The winner of the contest gets a free shirt, exposure, and mad love from this community.
After the contest is over, will print them and sell them.
For every shirt sold, a child will get clean water for a year in Africa.
Blirts makes a profit.
All the profit RagamuffinSoul makes (5 dollars) will be donated to Compassion Internationals Global Food Crisis Fund.
I won’t see a penny.
So. That is it.
I will accept face melting, non suck designs for the next 2 weeks.
Send your desings to

So there you have it.
I think this shirt is going to be rock star.
You guys are rock star.
Design away.



My art director responded with the following:

e-mail entries to: Your file should be submitted as a PDF with an art board dimension of 10″ x 10