So Heather, Mark, Stephanie, and the kids drug me to the North Georgia State Fair tonight.
Kidding. It was amazing. Wait till you see the Carnie pics I took.

So they had this entire kid ride section.
My little divas were all over that jazz.
Losiah watched them on the first ride and let us know in 20 words or less that he was going to ride on the next ride.
That kid doesn’t like it when we play toss the kid up in the air so I KNEW he was not going to like the mini carnie speed rides.
But he was not having it.
We let him learn that he would not like it.
He actually got to ride on the motorcycle ride.
The kid on the front part of the bike giving Little Los a ride was perfect.
I mean look at him.
Those dudes are going to pick up every chick under 4 on that ride.


They were big pimpin’. I started to doubt my theory. Maybe Little Los might do OK.
I mean look at him.
He’s ready.
He’s set.


He hung on for dear life.
Every time he rounded the corner he cussed me out in Korean.
As he has begun to talk I swear I can tell when he drops into mad Korean.
It is always when he has that look on his face.


When it was over dude in the mohawk looked at me like…
“Mister. Your kid freaking screwed up my chances with those 2 hot chicks behind me!!!”
I gave him the look that said…
“Kid. Those 2 hot chicks are his sisters.
Talk to me when your bike can go right as well as left.”

Mi Vida Loca…