Ben Arment wrote an interesting article. Here is a snippet…

It cracks me up when I see a blog or a magazine list “the most innovative churches” in America. The list reads like a high school yearbook where the same homecoming king gets crowned every year because he looks like a Ken doll and stars on the football team.

Somehow, we’ve changed the meaning of innovation to popularity. We’re not measuring innovation as much as we’re rewarding impression. The same mondo churches win every year because they’ve erected something close to Space Mountain in their children’s wing.

Coming from 9 years of portable church to Buckhead Church I definitely see his point.
What we had to pull off at Sandals in order to have church on Sundays included duct tape and hangers.
Ben points to the flaws of lists like these.

So in the spirit of healthy conversation…
What is your definition of an innovative church and is your church innovating?