So last night I did something cool.


With Tony, Brandon, and Rich watching and producing, I sat in my bathroom during the live part of LifeShare and led worship for about 170 people online.

I could not hear them singing but I could read their chats.
I caught myself saying things like…
“Now Type Out A Praise To Our God!!!”
In a matter of seconds hundreds of lines filled the chat room
During Marvelous Light I said…
“Type out when you dead heart became fully alive!!!”
Dates started flying across the screen.
It was, quite literally, the coolest time of worship I have ever led.

Picture 13.png

Click that image, put your glasses on, and read what people were worshipping through their keyboards.
The next thing I asked them to do while singing the bridge to Marvelous Light was take screen shots of them worshiping during “Lift your hands and spin around!!!”

2877826006_8dfebd7ee6.jpg Photo 4.jpg

Photo 21.jpg Photo 46.jpg

Photo 182.jpg Photo 294.jpg

A couple peeps even plugged in and had LIFE SIZE LIFE SHARE.



All in all it was a great and historic evening. Of’course there are COUNTLESS ways the local church can use this as a tool.
It works. People worshiped their Lord and the heavens rejoiced.

I was blessed to be a part of it and blessed that is thinking so far outside the box that most churches don’t even know that box exists.
HEre is what happened live…

Were you there and how can you see the internet continue to be used as the real space that it is… Los