How do we BE THE CHURCH online?

Life Share

Coming up this next Wednesday, September 17 we are starting LifeShare, a 7 day online challenge for all of us with blogs, friends in social networks, and in online communities to put our love and faith into action…

I am teaming YOU guys up with the amazing team at the Internet Campus to see how we can truly be the church online. I think we already are doing a GREAT job here at RagamuffinSoul and love the idea of partnering with another online community that “gets it”.

Here’s the skinny.

What will we be doing?

This LifeShare online challenge will have 5 different levels at which you can get involved.

1. Share the Experience – Tell YOUR online communities about it and lets see this thing gain momentum.

2. Share your Space – Embed the mogulus player where it all will be going down, insert badges, countdown timers, ect

3. Share His Message – We will step out and share why Christ is our message in different ways

4. Share your Story – Next week I’m going to give you all an avenue to share your story of your spiritual journey here on If you can, try and snag a webcam for the latter part of next week. I think it’s going to be cool.

5. Share your Life – We will be challenged to step out of our own “web spaces” and get uncomfortable with those around us by giving ourselves to them.

So what is next?

Begin by praying that God would use those seven days to show you the power of His love and how it can be used in the online world. Then click here and sign up to get all the deets as they come out. I’ll be sharing more as we lead up to the challenge and CAN’T wait to see our community shape the web for HIM!!!

Who’s in?

Seriously? WHO’S IN?