Hey guys. We are going to jump into community a bit deeper for the next several days alongside the guys at LifeChurch.tv.

They recognize the amazing community that is RagamuffinSoul and I ask you guys to show up here, tonight at 9 pm East Coast Time for a live, interactive experience that can take our community one step closer. It’s called LifeShare.

Here is a shot of us testing this thing out earlier today. Very similar to what we did with the live prayer meeting here a few months back.

There will be a mogulus player on this blog streaming live and you can grab that code and embed it into your blogs if you want to. Share Your Space.

Here is the embed code… Literally, just copy and paste the code below and paste it into your post. HTML of course or it will look like it does below and not a pretty little player.

<script src=”http://static.mogulus.com/scripts/playerv2.js?channel=lifechurchtv&layout=playerEmbedDefault&backgroundColor=0xffffff&backgroundAlpha=1&backgroundGradientStrength=0&chromeColor=0x000000&headerBarGlossEnabled=true&controlBarGlossEnabled=true&chatInputGlossEnabled=false&uiWhite=true&uiAlpha=0.5&uiSelectedAlpha=1&dropShadowEnabled=true&dropShadowHorizontalDistance=10&dropShadowVerticalDistance=10&paddingLeft=10&paddingRight=10&paddingTop=10&paddingBottom=10&cornerRadius=10&backToDirectoryURL=null&bannerURL=http://mogulus-user-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/4E45E9D9-A907-5BCE-895D-E5C1BDEE3A0A.png&bannerText=LifeChurch.tv&bannerWidth=320&bannerHeight=50&showViewers=true&embedEnabled=true&chatEnabled=true&onDemandEnabled=true&programGuideEnabled=false&fullScreenEnabled=true&reportAbuseEnabled=false&gridEnabled=false&initialIsOn=true&initialIsMute=false&initialVolume=10&width=400&height=400&wmode=window” type=”text/javascript”></script>

That way your readers can take part in your community and not have to go somewhere else…

Picture 7.png

Let’s take our community farther.