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As I continue to develop my man crush of Mike Foster, he makes it more and more difficult not to move him to the top of my list.

Mike and Jud are ALWAYS trying something fresh that will change the way Christians love the downcast, each other, and our Savior.
I am completely and overwhelmingly a huge supporter of what theye came up with a few months back.
The People of the Second Chance…
This is a community that champions lost causes and thinks that a second chance is a human right.
I belong to this group because I have been given second chances and keep getting them everyday.
Well a new initiative coming from the People of the Second Chance community is a real gem.


It’s about redefining love using God’s example – boundless, with no quid-pro-quos. Expecting–and sometimes getting–nothing back in return. It takes courage, strength, and total commitment to love like this.

What if right now, everything we knew, felt, believed about love was suddenly turned “upside down.” Challenged. Tested. No limits. What if we came to realize that everything we thought and believed about love, grace, forgiveness, each other and ourselves was wrong. We discover that radical grace is real and we can experience it in our own lives and freely give it to others.
Well take a look at that upside down heart and you get a view as to what you need in order to pull this type of love off.


That is just one of the amazing desktop wallpapers and iPhone wallpapers that are available to you here.

So RagamuffinSoul…

Do You Have The Balls??
Will you spread the word that you’ve grown a pair and aren’t afraid to love dangerously?