RagamuffinSoul shirts are ALMOST HERE!!!

Thanks for being patient guys. Know that when you voted on the shirt we had to design it, print it, proof it, send it back, print all of them, then ship them.
Dustin and the team at Blirts have been amazing at getting this done so quickly.
Blirts got the proof shirt today and told them to roll the press!!!
Check out the video below…

Ragamuffin Soul Proof from Blirts on Vimeo.

I think they look amazing and I can’t wait to see you guys sporting these bad boys!!!
Remember. These are limited edition and we will never print these Ragamuffin Soul Ransomed shirts on grey again.
BUUUUUUT. Friday we will have a unlimited new version of the shirt ready to roll.
And I have a hint as to what you will find on the Blirts store this Friday…
Here is a hint…V