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So we just got done with session 3 of the Live Stream of LifeShare.Here was the chaos that was my segment…

QuantcastAlexa Certified Site Stats for www.mogulus.com

Here was the whole session…

QuantcastAlexa Certified Site Stats for www.mogulus.com

If you have not had a chance to jump into the live streams…they are really cool and interactive…Sooo…
We at RagamuffinSoul are going to be taking part in this on a daily basis…
Here is LifeShare Initiative #1
1. Share the Experience

This is where you can invite your friends to come and share an online experience at LifeChurch.tv, at your church’s internet campus, or to the church you normally attend.
For the virtual invites to the LifeChurch.tv Internet Campus you can Click Here
For virtual invited to Buckhead Church you can Click Here.

So how can we take this one step farther?
Well just about 30 minutes ago I asked specifically for people on the LifeShare Live Mogulus Stream to name WHO THEY WILL INVITE TO CHURCH THIS WEEKEND.
Names started flying.
It was amazing to see people list out those who they will invite to church.
Now it is time for RagamuffinSoul to take that step.
As our first major LifeShare step here in our community I want us to Share out loud who we will invite to church this weekend?
As easy of a question as that is…it is hard to type out that name.
So stop what your doing…pray about whose name you just typed or are about to type, and take that step.
We made it easy for you with some digital invites up top.
I want names.
Then I will pray for these names tonight, here, live, and pray that they will say yes.
Roll Call…Who are you inviting?