1. Because I knew about this book when it was just a conversation and to begin to see it come to culmination is amazing. I even made Anne this video for her announcement while I was still at Sandals…

2. Because when Andy Stanley gives his talk and everyone is begging for more I know I can get the talk behind the talk the next day.

3. Because Aaron Keyes is going to teach every single hipster church leader in there what a real worship leader leads like.

4. Because after getting to know Brad this year, Catalyst means a whole lot more to me than it did last year. I always love knowing the brains behind the brawn.

5. Because I was secretly going to do something really fun there and now I have to wait to do it somewhere else.

6. Because I want to be in the room when they announce their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

7. Because last year Scott Hodge and I were sneaking around backstage and ran into someone who actually made Scott speechless. It should happen again.

8. Deadly Viper guys are going to talk about Love Takes Balls. And I am trying to use mine.

9. Because when I was at Catalyst last year twittering there were like 15 other people there twittering. This year it is going to be about 90% I’m sure.

10. I won’t get to see YOU!!!!!

This is going to be a life challenging week for some of you. I am pumped you get to be in the ATL seeking growth in your lives.
Who’s going to be there?!!!!
Catalyst is a friend of mine.I have a friend in Catalyst.