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So I’m on vacation this week and got 17 emails today letting me know that if I did not do chaos it would be 2 weeks in a row.I come out of hiding for YOU!!!Thanks guys for relying on this and keeping it real…
Here’s the deal.They are available in VNECK’S NOW!!! BOOYAH!!!
Ransomed_V_Neck__48ea229483875.jpg Preorder them here. Same rules apply.I see nothing. No money. Zero. Zip.For every shirt sold, a child will get clean water for a year in Africa.
Blirts makes a profit.
All the profit RagamuffinSoul makes (5 dollars) will be donated to Compassion Internationals Global Food Crisis Fund.
I won’t see a penny.

Go get your vneck and show your sexy chest hair like you mean it.
OK. Your Turn…