11:15 pm. Last night. Completely ignoring any sence of good parenting and spending 2 quiet hours along with my 4 year old…


Seanna – Daddy! Sohaila brought this book home from the libraberry today. Can you read it to me?

Me – Yea baby. Daddy LOVES That book. Ready?

Seanna – Yea Daddy.

And so I began…”Once there was a tree… and she loved a little boy.”

Seanna was mesmerized. She sat in complete silence for the entire read. Not distracted by a thing. I felt the world stop so I could share with my middle child this story of love. This story of redemption. And she was captivated by the vibrancy of every word I shared.

Me – Seanna. What did you think of the story? Seanna? Seanna? Are you awake?

Seanna – Yes daddy.

Me – Baby. What did the story tell you?

Seanna – I don’t know daddy…but…but…

Me – But what baby?

Seanna – Why is your picture on the back of the book?


Me – sigh