We cancelled our Direct TV.
It’s gone.
No antenna.
No news.
No sitting in front of the 36″ of glowing glass to suck my mind numb with non world changing information.
From that statement it sounds like Heather and I made some Christian tree hugging decision to create more margin in our lives for changing the world.
The truth is we are broke.
But we are rich broke.
Like we could have the TV and all the toys, but we are getting rid of that 65 bucks a month to try and pay off some debt.
And honestly, after a bit of research, I can pretty much watch anything I want online including my local news.
So I don’t ever know if we will pay for television again.
But we are making the choice to not pay for television.
Watching TV on your laptop is not quite the same experience as surround sound and a big screen.
But it is all there.
In the past year we have gotten rid of our home phone, cable/satellite, microwave, and the second car. We only have one car and 5 people.
Four staples to the American nuclear family for the past 30 years.

What Americana staple have you gotten rid of and how has it affected your life for the good or bad?