Crude Jr High Locker Room Humor ahead, only the locker room is now conferences with church leaders.

This post is a spin off of one of the best comments ever left on Ragamuffin Soul.
Answering my post below, Ryan responded with…
“we call this the “chenis
how big is your chenis (church penis)
it happens at every conference and luncheon- the chenis competition.”

This is SO true.
I remember the first 3 years at Sandals.
We went from like 100 to 1000 in like 3 years I think.
It happened when we started meeting at The Grove Community Church. (Formally Victoria Community Church)
We met in the evernings and it seemed like overnight 700 people showed up!!!
It was awesome. Amazing. God was “moving”.
Then it came time to move out of the church and move to Cal Baptist University.
I remember the first Sunday at Cal Baptist.
This is a guess.
But I swear we had less than 350 people there.
Where did everybody go? Where was “God’s Movement?”
You know where everybody was?
They were back at their church.
We were measuring God’s blessing by the size of our attendance.
Our chenis.
God is just as pleased with 3 people meeting in their living room sharing communion and life as he is with Buckhead Church and the thousands that show up. And I believe He IS pleased with microchurches and the thousands they reach.
I would dare say that the percentage of authenticity in worship in the room of 3 is higher than every church of 5000 on the planet. But in the long run, I don’t think God even cares how big YOUR church is…He cares how big HIS church is.

So stop counting the size of your chenis as to your self worth.
Because the truth is…

It’s not the size that counts.