Let me premise this mini post by saying I have worked in 2 churches in the past 10 years. Albeit 9 of those years were at Sandals and one of those at Buckhead.
Do you feel the Lord is ok with the way many people change church jobs like they change laptops?
Every 18 months or so it’s time for an upgrade or a change…
I don’t know. I never thought I would leave Sandals Church. Ever. And here I sit.
One of the first things I remember is Jeff HEnderson looking me square in the eyes and saying…”I want this to be the last church job you ever have.”
That said a lot to me. Commitment is HUGE around here. And a year later I’m glad to know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.
So with all that lalala bullcrap sugar coating I just got done typing…

Do you guys find it strange to see church leaders hopping churches like baseball players in the minor leagues?
* I amended the title for less angst in the conversation…:)