So there it is.
It has been over 20 years since I have gone more than 12 hours without some form of technology feeding me information.
Seriously. I am addicted. I am aware. And I am going to go spend some time with God where the silence will be deafening.
I lost my iPhone a few months back and literally had heart palpitations.
I am guessing that the first 24 hours will be more of a detox.
You know. Shakes, sweats, hallucinations.
The next 24 hours I think I will be better.
So I am going to break out the Beth Moore Breaking Free study.
Go ahead dudes.
Throw your stones.
But this woman is the cat’s pajamas and can preach most of you under the table.

So there you have it.
Me. Silence. 3 days. Somewhere in the southeast. No wife. No kids. No friends. Nothing but the Lord.
Starting at 3 pm…Today.
What do you think this will do for me?
What could it do for you?