That’s me.
I left August’s Flava on my sidebar far too long.
I was a sucky host of a blog and I am going to reward you with the kind freshness you can only find in this ragamuffin produce section.
May I introduce you to the 5 blogs that are tantalizing my blog soul these days.

They are in the right sidebar…

Picture 3.png

Promise Tangeman
This hip designer is full of creativity.
One of those souls who sort of breathe that junk with every breath.
She is a photographer, artist, designer, and great human being.
One of my favorite shirts in the Ragamuffin Tee Contest was hers.
She is in love with the Lord and with her man.
Speaking of her man.
He’s next…

Picture 4.png

Brian Wurzell
OK. Obviously he wears rad sunglasses. But that is not why he is in my Flava.
He is the worship director at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, AZ and is doing cool things out there.
Go read his journey. It probably sounds a lot like yours.
He needs to blog more but there is enough archive footage to last you for a while.
Brian. Blog dude.

Picture 6.png

Jasmine Star
You guys know I have gotten into Photography.
I have lots of photographer friends who are like 100000% better than me.. They never tell me their secrets. Jasmine does.She has a hip, vibey, clean style that she explains very well.She left her real world job for the life of capturing others a few years back and never looked back.You will love her style and stories.

Picture 8.png
This is John.
John is the newest member to the North Point Ministries staff.
John has a heart that is so closely connected with wanting to do Christs work that is motivates and frustrates some people.
It fuels me beyond belief.
He has developed many sites for His Name’s Sake.
He develops code with the purpose of making His name famous.
He is insanely talented and a Korean adoptee as well.
I only hope Losiah ends up this cool.

Picture 9.png
I know she’s a repeat. But seriously.
She is the most gifted writer I know and she is my personal
She will twist and turn your hearts as you see the behind the scenes of the medical field and make you fall in love with her.
She dominates this interweb thing.

That’s it.
Tell them RagamuffinSoul sent you.