[RSS Video embedded above RSS peeps. You will want to watch it]So I’m a year into this journey back to the ATL.
I remember when I left Atlanta in ’96, I was pretty much calloused to anything even remotely resembling racism.
I used to think…”They are just ignorant” and give them a free pass.
Small comments and jokes by my friends AROUND me finally went completely ignored by yours truly.
Because they would say TINY things that would show me that they did not see me as “Carlos the hispanic that could be mistaken as a black dude”.
They obviously just saw me as one of the boys.
That showed me 2 things.
1. Color Blindness can actually happen
2. I had become as calloused as their grandparents who had instilled these leftover thoughts into their domes.

When I moved to Los Angeles I specifically remember the moment when my callous fell off.
I was in Newport Beach and there were like 24 couples walking on and around the pier.
For some reason I noticed not one couple was of the same race.
This was normal.
And for a moment it was not normal to me.
Not normal enough that I noticed it.

Fast forward back to 2008.
I’m back in Atlanta.
This town has come a long way.
But since I am “fresh again” I feel like a deaf person who can suddenly hear.
Although major strides have been made, it is extremely loud to me.
Loud enough that I try desperately to turn my hearing aid down.
But the callous has fallen off.
And I hope to God it never shows/builds back up.

This town is amazing.
I love the strength that people feel within their own communities.
It has a strong “black community”.
It has a strong “white community”.
I just can’t wait until it’s just a “strong community”

This post has zero to do with my friends, church, and current relationships here.
It’s a commentary to a city.
So quit trying to read into it because you are wasting your time.

[ht to Joshua for the video]