So my boy Human3rror turned me onto something that is already changing the face of the community of 6500 people who swing by here on a daily basis.
If you have commented here in the last few days you may have noticed a change.
Welcome to RagamuffinSoul’s Disqus comment system.
This will already take our ever growing community to another level.
Here are the quick reasons why I have installed this plugin…
1. It makes your comments as important as the blog posts.
2. It allows you to track peoples comments across the blogosphere. You can see what the commenters here are saying on other blogs.
3. You can reply to a particular comment and it will appear below that comment in “thread mode” so conversation can be more fluid.
4. You can give other commenters “ratings” so their comments move to the top of the discussion.
5. You can login to your own disqus account to keep track of all your interweb rambling.

So comment guys. Give it a shot.
I’m looking forward to seeing you guys take it up a notch.
From the Disqus blog…

Disqus commenting system adds threads, comment/user ratings, spam control, and user identities. The system can either replace all your comments (starting from nothing), or only be activated on new posts. If you find it’s not what you want, you can just deactivate the plugin to get back your old comments.

The forums are fully skinnable and RSS enabled. You can follow threads or comments from other commentors. Frequent forum users will he happy to hear that you can receive updates and post replies by email as well. But Disqus isn’t just a community of commentors, it’s also a community of forums. Diqus’ main site serves as a hub for the hottest or most recent stories across all Disqus blogs.

So there you have it.
Chat it up…