…for the people who are going to sleep right now.
The ones who are still hours away from deciding whether or not they will go to Buckhead Church in the morning.
For the guy who LOVES Papa Roach.
For the mom whose son is high as a kite right now.
For the husband who HATES his wife right now.
For the family who is weeks away from hearing the news of cancer that will rock their world.
I pray that in 9 hours, that whatever is keeping them from coming, it would go away.
That in the midst of the decision to stay or go, they get in the car.
That in the chaos that is life, you make it a symphony of peace that passes all understanding.
That is my prayer as I lay awake with a fever hoping that it breaks in the morning.
Because I know you love me in spite of who I am.
They don’t even comprehend what that means.
Change the world tomorrow.