My friend John is adopted.
He is adopted from South Korea.
He was adopted through Holt International.
He is basically Losiah all grown up.

John has an amazing opportunity that I can only pray Losiah will have one day.
He has the chance in a few weeks to go back to Korea and meet his birth mom for the first time.
I’ll let his words speak for themselves…
The following is from his blog, Human3rror.


It’s a funny thing to think that this woman, whom I’ve never met, is actually my mother.
But I’d love to meet her… and I’d like to have your help. More info after the jump.
You see, I’m adopted.
Twice, actually (if you want to get all technical on me), but I’ll get to that later.
The first time was when I was but 11 months old. My mother had made some poor decisions at a very young age with another very young man.
There was little choice, she had to give us up for adoption.

Human3rror Goes to Korea – Needs Your Help! from John on Vimeo.

For his complete post click here.

So you guys. You know how much my heart lives for this.
Go help John and pray for his journey…