Ragamuffin Soul Prayer Meeting Nov. 3rd 9:30 PM // Praying Backwards

I have not seen division like the one I see within the American church walls, ever.
I think we need to hold tight to our moral and spiritual values, but the division that is in the air right now is MASSIVE.
We have the technology to hide behind our 140 characters at a time or anonymous blog comments or venom filled blog posts.
We are saying things to each other that we would never say in person.
I honestly believe God himself is looking down upon his church and crying.
So what should we do?
We should pray.
Those who are voting for Obama should pray blessings over McCain.
Those who are voting for McCain should be praying blessings upon Obama.
We should stop moaning and complaining about inexperience, Alaska, taxes, teenage pregnancy, terrorists, wardrobes, racism, and Katie Couric.
We in turn need to pray.
Pray for what?
Well my pastor, Matt Brown, preached an AMAZING message that can set you up for this time of prayer.
So tomorrow night.
Right here.
We are going to turn off the news, open our Bibles, and pray for our leaders.

1. Pray that our leaders would grown in Faith. In their relationships with Jesus Christ.
2. Pray for their marriages.
3. Pray for their children.
4. Pray for those around them.
5. Pray for their emotional and physical health.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on McCain, those on the right pray for Obama.

So. Here. Tomorrow night. Monday the 3rd. 9:30 pm ATL time.
I bet we could get a few hundred. Or not. We did when we prayed for ourselves.
It would be glorious if we could gather to pray for our leaders.
I’m not sure of any churches around town doing this, so let’s do it here.

See those little banners up top?
Let’s spread those puppies around this here interweb until people are sick of them.
Then tomorrow night you can take them down.
There is a little “Share” button on the bottom right of each of them.
Click that puppy and copy the appropriate code and paste away on your sidebars, myspaces, facebooks, blogs, ect.

Let’s show the world that we are more than a bunch of politic loving Jesus tolerating people.
Let’s actually hang out with Jesus as we pray for our leaders.
Who’s in?