So this is refreshing idea.
We have all seen me overkill the time lapse program on my laptop.
There is something cool about seeing your day fly before your eyes.
This time around, it is a different concept with a WILDLY different result.
Simply 2 second clips edited together with hard cuts, no soundtrack, and only 90 seconds.
Why 90 seconds?
Because it belongs to a Flickr group and Flickr only allows you to upload videos of 90 seconds or less.

My Day Yesterday (11.12.08) In 90 Seconds from Carlos Whittaker on Vimeo.

Now here is the fun part. I made Heather do it to. Head over to her blog and see her day.
Sometimes I hate that I can’t stop creating even after I clock out of my job.
It wears me out but I feel alive.