One thing I am ALWAYS doing is trying to learn.
Trying to learn from everyone I can.
While I was at Sandals Church I was studying Northpoint, Buckhead, Fellowship Church, Saddleback, New Spring.
Systems, processes, design, music, everything.
Now that I am at Buckhead Church, a place where EVERYTHING is done with excellence, I will not let the learning stop.
Because we ALWAYS want to take what we are doing and step it up for the Glory of God.
Luckily, I have friends who are way more talented than I.
One of those friends is Dex Alezander.
Yea. The All Together Seperate Dex.
Same guy.
Well God called him and his bride out of Riverside Cali about one year to the date I was called out of Riverside Cali.
He landed at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX.
Our worlds parallel in amazing ways so we started talking about him and Pace comeing out to Buckhead to see what we do and me coming out to Fellowship to see what they do.
Well a few days ago Dex invited me out to see the DVD recording of Fellowship Church’s “Closer To The Start” album.
I will never say no to a free trip to learn from the best.
So here I sit in this auditorium as they rehearse for tonight’s DVD recording.
Meeting and learning from their staff as to how they do Service Programming and getting to see an AMAZING production tonight as they record their DVD.
I LOVE the Capital “C” Church.
Not just large churches helping small churches.
But large churches helping large churches.
Small churches helping large churches
Thanks Dex, Pace and your team for having me out today and letting me learn and pull some killer ideas to take back to Atlanta and help make His name famous.

Who are you learning from?
Who are you giving to?