All Proceeds Go To Compassion International from freshINK on Vimeo.

You are sad because the limited GREY Ragamuffin Tees are sold out.
Well we are going to give you a chance to sport one.
And it’s a Big BUT.
They are $50.00.
Here is the catch.
ALL proceeds go to Compassion International Global Food Fund.
Not 5 dollars a shirt.
But 50 bones a shirt.
All of it.
50 dollars a month feeds more than 3 children for an entire month.
A dramatic rise in the cost of food in recent months has created a life-threatening crisis for millions of the world’s poorest families.
Most Compassion-assisted children and their families have been affected and some have been absolutely devastated.

There are only 30 left…
Go get yours and help.

Thanks guys