So I had a great conversation with my dad today.
He is 67.
He still preaches almost every Sunday.
He loves the Lord.
But in his latter years of life he wonders…
What about his generation?
Everything is all about reaching the next generation.
And his generation is expected to just go along with the changes that effect him and keep rather silent.
So they do.
Or they don’t.
If they do they smile in the back of the auditorium.
If they don’t they continue to press on in their older churches with less energy to reach their community.
When I hear my dad I hear 2 things…
1. Are there options for him to worship the way that he feels comfortable on a Sunday without being judged by the hipsters and actually being helped by the hipsters.
2. Is there room in our churches for effective strategies to reach the millions of senior citizens as well as the 28 year old male that we obviously program for?

What are you thoughts on the 65 year old generation?
Because before you know it…
It will be us.