Here is an iChat that went down while at Mellow Mushroom this evening…

Los – hey my friend
BFF – what’s going on today
Los – So I’m a bachelor tonight and am at a resturant and wanted you to know since I have male tendencies and could do stupid things when away from wife and friends.
Los – Just keeping myself in check
BFF – good call
BFF – I will text you tomorrow. And if you do something stupid…I will text your wife
does that work….or does that make you want to lie to me if you were actually to do something
Los – hmmmmmmm
Los – I think I would rather live with the fact that I disappointed you and her then tell her myself. Having to tell her would suck.
Los – So no. That does nothing
Los – And yes. I would want to lie.
BFF – ok, then just tell me and I won’t tell your wife. You will. That’s better
Los – Cool. And telling you b4 I am alone for the night makes me feel comfortable you will kick my ***.
BFF – Bend over.

I’m an jacked up man and an filthy messed up sinner made beautiful in Christ.
But I’m no fool.

It’s better this way.