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So I call Heather from the MARTA Dunwoody Station with the unfortunate news that I missed my bus by 2 minutes.
I can barely hear her because Sohaila is WHALING in the background.
Me – “What the crap? What’s her deal?”
H – “She fell and split her chin open”
Me – “Oh. Dang. Um. How long has she been screaming like that? Cause I can wait for the next bus in 40 minutes if that’s cool…”
H – “I’m on my way” … click

By the time they got to the MARTA station Sohaila was only sniffling.
She has this pretty gnarly cut but nothing too nasty.
As I was putting her to bed tonight she started crying.

Me – “What’s up baby? Why you cryin?”
So – “I’m scared of going to school tomorrow with my chin like this”
Me – “You know what daddy says right?”
So – “Yes daddy. All the other daddy’s are jealous of you because you have me and they don’t”
Me – “That’s right.”
So – “But daddy. What do I do if someone is mean and makes fun of me?”
Me – “You tell them that your daddy is gonna go down there and kick their daddy’s…”
Me – “Actually baby, come here…”

So we walked to the makup drawer where all of Heathers MAC makeup is and I grabbed some $40 stick of eyeliner…
I marked my face with a simular looking battle scar.
Sohaila knew what was up.
Me – “I’ll wear my line all day tomorrow if you promise to be strong at school and be proud of your tough girl line. OK?”
So – “OK Daddy. But Daddy…What if someone makes fun of you at work tomorrow?”
Me – “Baby. They make fun of me at work everyday. And look at me. I turned out OK.”
So – “No you didn’t daddy. You are drawing on your face with mommy’s makeup.”

I love my life.